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Located in Needham, Massachusetts, our offices are minutes from Boston and Cambridge, in one of the most active nanotechnology hotbeds of America. Close proximity to dozens of world class universities and research institutions provides a wealth of resources and contacts for our team, which we leverage to help your business application gain competitive advantage.

Venture Capital for the Most Promising New Nanotechnologies

Nanotech Venture Capital is a Massachusetts-based firm focused on founding, seed, and early-stage investments in nanotechnology. We believe in taking an active role in guiding and assisting entrepreneurs to build successful nanotechnology companies from startup. Our firm partners with scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs that have developed technologies that can readily translate into marketable products, as opposed to first-principles research.

The Next Big Thing in Nanotech

If your company is developing the next big thing in nanotechnology, we will provide you with the business expertise and funding you need to transform your technology into a market leading enterprise. If you leave us your contact information or submit an abstract of your business plan we will be happy to touch base with you to discuss your innovation. We perform marketability analyses of many of the plans that we receive, so even if your technology is not yet ready for a round of funding, we will provide you with valuable insight as to how you can bring it to this stage.

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