Venture Capital for the Most Promising
New Nanotechnologies

Nanotech VC is a Massachusetts venture capital firm focused on founding, seed and early stage investments in nanotechnology. We provide venture capital for development of the most promising new nanotechnologies and methods, focusing on companies and entrepreneurs that have nascent products to bring to market, as opposed to first-principles research.

Ideas Meet Execution

Good ideas in the field of nanotech are a dime a dozen. The companies that will command the future nanotech are the ones that not only have good ideas, but that can plan and execute a careful business strategy and leverage market knowledge to stay ahead of the curve. Our deep understanding of the nanotech industry, combined with our managerial expertise, provides the right combination of factors to transform a good idea into a profitable enterprise. And our diverse backgrounds provide unprecedented opportunity for cross-market opportunities.

Creating the Future of Nanotech

With nanotech having influenced or penetrated nearly every sector of industry, from medicine to clothing manufacturing, there is a potential application for virtually every new nanotech breakthrough that is made. As an entrepreneur, it is your company’s job to make these breakthroughs – to research, develop, and create new nanotechnology and to improve existing nanotech.

As a nanotech VC firm, it is our job to bring your product to the world, and to provide you with the means to refine your product to a stage where it is ready to be applied in industry. Together, we can create the future of nanotechnology.

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What's New in Nanotech

Nanosolar, Inc contracts with German, French partners

Nanosolar, Inc. said on April 28 that it signed supply contracts with partners in Germany to supply up to 1 gigawatts of its Nanosolar Utility Panels, the first large-scale sales of its products. The modules will be supplied over the next few years as the company scales up production of its modules.